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The Evolution of Avocado Toast!Avocado toast has quietly made its way to becoming a mainstream breakfast item. Many variations are appearing. We believe this one is worthy of a demanding palate and should be on your menu, to enliven your senses, or impress your friends…
Roasted Peanut SauceAlways a hit! The taste of this sauce will have you hooked, and luckily, it’s also very healthy! Even non foodies will love it!
Rainbow Spring Rolls with Roasted Peanut SauceThis recipe is good all year round and will impress friends and family alike. Don’t hesitate to tell them that the idea came to you in a moment of inspiration when you woke up this morning… The ingredients I’ve suggested below are a great option, but you can also use: peppers, onions, lettuce, etc. In fact, anything that is easily rolled up! The recipe for the sauce can be found with our other recipes.
Ravishing Radishes CrackersIf spring were served on a cracker, this is what it would look like! With its layered greens and pinks, you end up with a very satisfying crunch! Wake up and take a bite of life!
Quick n’ Tasty Guacamole I’m a foodie just like you, and I’m always short on time and running around like a chicken with its head cut off! This recipe will let you prepare your guacamole in a jiffy, leaving you with more time to enjoy and truly savour it…
Sautéed Onion and Mushroom SandwichThis sandwich will satisfy the need for the taste of a savoury multi layered extravaganza experience. Just words you may think, so put this one to the test!
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