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Bernard Le Grand

I am a musician and became an entrepreneur out of necessity, but soon, my second passion, “la cuisine,” began to fuel my imagination. Since I was a kid, I watched my mom cook with amazing creativity, mostly vegetarian food, but everything she did, she did with love. When I was young, music took all of my time, but the low wage restaurants jobs I kept to survive inspired me to start my own business – no matter how small. I started a vegetarian sandwich business that I delivered with my bike. I didn’t have a car… so what… I had my own business!

One day I met Tatiana and that day changed my life… at last. We fell madly in love and started a family. She was looking after our three kids with all the love and intelligence she puts into everything. Even though I was creative, I was losing the battle of managing my business.

Tatiana noticed and soon, she was helping, working from the house. It was the beginning of another relationship between us. As time went on, she developed her skills and became a natural leader and superb organizer. I could be an artist again…

Tatiana Bossy

I studied history and literature at Concordia University, dabbled at ITHQ, and spent the rest of my twenties caring for my babies!

When I fell in love with my “artist” at twenty-one years old, Bernard and I didn’t have specific plans to have a food company together. The hazards of life and many glorious twists and turns motivated us to build an original business that reflects our convictions about eating well.

With time, I discovered a passion for business, a love for seeing ideas through, and building structure out of nothing.

Life is pretty extraordinary!

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